Today we say goodbye to Chris King                

Chris King

The king of geoscience education, Chris King, passed away 17 February 2022. Chris was an emeritus professor at Keele University (UK) and one of the best and most effective promotors of geoscience education and outreach in the past decades. In my capacity as IUGS President (2000-2004) and as Executive Director of the International Year of Planet Earth (2007-2009) I have had the pleasure to be in frequent communication with him on promotion of the geosciences to the general public. To that end Chris took many initiatives, both locally, nationally and internationally. One of these initiatives was the Earth Learning Ideas Project, meant to trigger school kids exploring their thoughts about the earth and Earth processes. That initiative was launched in 2007 and reached many students also in developing countries via the internet. Chris was the driving force behind the IUGS based International Geoscience Organisation (COGE) and he became its first Chairperson. He was involved in many other international geoscientific bodies and was bestowed with prestigious awards and medals, including the Geo-ethics medal in 2018.

Eduardo de Mulder