Call For Article Submission IGC2024

Call to submit your article for IGC 2024! Final deadline – March 15th! ESM will be convening a session on Earth Science Education that falls under GIS and Remote Sensing (Session 3 in T22, find by clicking the following link). Submit your article at this website: Session 3 – Earth Science Education – transferring […]

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Update: GIS day in Moldova

This photo shows Dr. Igor Nicoara, director of the Institute of Geology and Seismology (Chisinau, Moldova) and Victoria Corcimaru, the Youth-Outreach representaive of ESM., at the GIS day. Wow! What an awesome event! The GIS day on the 17 th of November was a great opportunity to share enthusiasm about the world of developments in […]

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GIS DAY – 17 NOV. 2021

ESM attends GIS Day! ESM’s executive director, Courtney Jermyn, and youth outreach coordinator, Victoria Corcimaru are honoured to be invited to present at ESRI’s GIS Day event at the Intitutul de Geologie si Seismologie al Republic of Moldova on 17 December 2021. Courtney will deliver a virtual welcoming address that highlights the importance of Earth […]

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A new addition to the ESM Team

ESM is pleased to welcome Victoria Corcimaru to our Team! Victoria is a very driven and passionate aspiring geologist from Moldova. She brings to the team remarkable energy and excitement for the Earth Sciences, and a mutual interest to share geoscience knowledge with the world, and also more locally within her own country. Victoria will […]

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On 11 October 2020, Courtney Jermyn-van der Zee, Executive Director of the Earth Science Matters Foundation, presented to over 1200 (virtual and onsite) participants of the World Young Scientist Summit, during the 20th anniversary of UK-CARE, China-UK Seminar on Resources and Environment. Where she discussed the important interactions between energy and the environment, the importance […]

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Underground Space

First International Conference on the Exploitation and Utilization of Underground Space (EUUS2019) in Wuhan, China

Through ESM Partner YES the Chair of the ESM Board was invited to participate in the First International Conference on the Exploitation and Utilization of Underground Space (EUUS2019) held in Wuhan, China, on November 15-18, 2019. This International Conference marked the formal entry of the Geosciences in the planning and construction of underground structures which was dominated by engineers and miners only for over a century.

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Fifth YES Conference in Berlin, September 2019)

The YES Network has been an ESM Partner since its onset in 2011. Like ESM, the YES Network has been an offspring of the UN-proclaimed International Year of Planet Earth and their 5th International Conference in Berlin marked its 10 years existence. The Yes Network has over 5000 members since. The title of this Berlin Conference, hosted by and held in the premises of the Freie Universität, was ROCKING EARTH’S FUTURE.

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Forum on Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) in Beijing, March 2019

In March 2019, the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), organised a major Forum on Deep-time Digital Earth (DDE) in Beijing. That was followed by an official launch of this word-class project in Kunshan. More than 80 (30 International, > 50 Chinese) Scientists from many disciplines gave presentations demonstrating that data must be fully accessible (FAIR) for searching machines, through machine learning and AI techniques further translate, integrate and compile such information automatically in graphs, maps etc.

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