Update: GIS day in Moldova

This photo shows Dr. Igor Nicoara, director of the Institute of Geology and Seismology (Chisinau, Moldova) and Victoria Corcimaru, the Youth-Outreach representaive of ESM., at the GIS day.

Wow! What an awesome event!

The GIS day on the 17 th of November was a great opportunity to share enthusiasm about the world of developments in geology.

The event consisted of a series of interesting presentations and short talks given by the representatives of the Instiultul de Geologie si Seismologie (Institute of geology and seismology), the representatives of Esri in Moldova, ASEM  (Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova) student, the executive director of the Earth Science Foundation, and the Youth Outreach representative of the Earth Science Matters Foundation.

This event was very important as it shared knowledge with the public about:

  •  ongoing projects in GIS such as 3D mapping of the central park of Chisinau,
  • ongoing research at the Institute of Geology and Seismology,
  • the usefulness of GIS technologies in geological studies.
        The Earth Science Matters Foundation was also part of this event thanks to the online presentation by Courtney Jermyn and the in-person presentation by Victoria Corcimaru. Courtney’s presentation encompassed an engaging, panoramic view of the importance of geosciences, giving the subject a personal touch by sharing her work experience in the field. Victoria shared with the audience her journey and mission to learn, share and improve the community through geosciences. We hope that the Earth Science Matters Foundation helped the participants of the event feel inspired and connected internationally through their interest in Earth Sciences!