Sierd Cloetingh bestowed with Arthur Holmes Medal

At the European Geoscience Union’s General Assembly in April 2013 in Vienna, Austria, Earth Science Matters Board member Sierd Cloetingh received EGU’s most prestigious Arthur Holmes Medal for his exceptional contributions to solid Earth dynamics and in particular for his pioneer research in lithosphere evolution. Major international research programmes, as TOPO-Europe, are initiated and coordinated through his research group currently based in Utrecht University (the Netherlands) which attracted 60 PhD students from 20 nations to complete their thesis under his supervision. The Arthur Holmes Medal tops an impressive list of international awards bestowed on Prof. Cloetingh, who is a member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council and the President of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP). The ILP is one of Earth Science Matters Partners from the beginning and has been represented on many international geological events through a joint booth. Sierd Cloetingh always had a keen eye to expose Earth scientific information to a wider audience and the Earth Science Matter Foundation is proud having this icon of international geoscientific research in its leadership!