The Vadose Zone & Near Surface Geology

With Dr. Tanvi ARORA

Welcome to a new Geo-Insider interview!!!
We at the Earth Science Matters Foundation want to sincerely congratulate everyone on the International Earth Day! And with this special occasion, we are delighted to have Dr. ARORA speak to us on the topic of near-surface geology. Dr. Tanvi ARORA is a hydrogeophysicist, who is interested in the application of electrical methods to a variety of problems including the contamination of aquifers, time-lapse measurements for effective recharge, critical zone science, vadose zone properties, lithological characterization, as well as finding the suitable zone of recharge as a point measurement. As an Assistant Professor, AcSIR, Dr. Arora is guiding 4 Doctoral Students. 
Tanvi has taken on both formal and informal communication positions in the Institute and different organizations such as the  SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicist), IGU (Indian Geophysical Union), YES (Young Earth Scientist Network), SPG (Society of Petroleum Geophysicist), to capitalize on her ability to reach broad and diverse audiences in the field of Earth science.
We hope that this interview inspires you to further investigate the amazing world “right beneath our feet”!