Welcome to our Sedimentary Theme!!!

How Specific Earth-Science Topics Matter!

    The Earth Science Matters Foundation gladly presents you the topic of sedimentary rocks. These are a key part of the broader rock cycle in nature, and thus have an important role in shaping our environment. 

   Although there is undoubtedly no shortage of interesting material on the topic of sedimentary rocks, this theme will take a look at the bigger picture of what sedimentary rocks are and what their role is in nature. Additionally, we will try to find ourselves in this picture and understand the interaction which takes place between anthropic activities and sedimentary rocks.

   This theme is comprised of 3 parts/publications: 1 text/article and 2 videos.

   The first publication will tackle the the question of what sedimentary rocks are and what sets them apart from each other. The second publication is a short video describing the importance of sedimentary rocks as resources of valuable scientific knowledge about our planet and as useful economic material. And the last publication, also a video, provides the opinion of an expert on the importance of sedimentary rocks for the global community.