Natural Hazards

Welcome to a new Geo-Insider theme!!!

     After a long and exciting journey to discover sedimentology, it is now time to move on into another realm of geosciences: natural hazards!

     Natural hazards are often the first thing that pops into mind when one thinks about the importance of geosciences. The safety of our densely populated world depends on our ability to coexist with such things as erupting volcanos, landslides, earthquakes, etc. Now the question becomes how do scientists do that? We invite you to find out the answer on this Geo-Insider theme.

     As before, there will be plenty of content types for you to choose from! For instance, there will be interview videos with experts whom we invited to share their views on various aspects, articles, and infographic videos on our website.

     We encourage you to stay involved on our journey: leave comments, ask questions, suggest ideas, participate in creative tasks as they arise. You can do this by following us also on YouTube (a good place for comments), Instagram (we have fun, interactive content there on various geoscience topics), and Facebook page.