Geology-informed laws are the prerequisite for a safe, efficient, and resource-smart society.

Interview with Dr. Benjamin Benumof

Welcome to a new Geo-Insider Interview! 

Today we will be diving into the interdisciplinary sweet spot of geology and law with the help of Dr. Benjamin Benumof. As a Ph.D. geologist and an attorney sought out for his land use, environmental, coastal, water law, and Proposition 218 expertise, Dr. Benumof specializes in what he has coined “GEO-LAW” – a multidisciplinary practice integrating law, policy, business, and the earth sciences in eight (8) core specialty areas of practice. He is also the Founder of GEO-LAW.COM and the Owner of GEO-LAW, P.C., a specialized boutique law firm based in San Clemente, California.

We hope you enjoy this interview and thank you for watching!