What is our Earth Day contest?

And How You Can Participate Too!

“Earth Day: annual celebration honoring the achievements of the environmental movement and raising awareness of the importance of long-term ecological sustainability.” – Britannica


       Given the upcoming International Earth Day on 22th of April 2022, the Earth Science Matters Foundation is inviting you to participate in an entirely online contest! The deadline for submissions is April 15th (the deadline was extended), 2022.

The participants who win first, second, and third places will receive merit certificates, but every participant will receive participation certificates. First-place winners are invited to the special interviews that will be dedicated to the topics addressed by our contest. Finally, first and second-place winners are invited to become content creators for the official Instagram website of ESM. 

Choose to make a video or write an essay on one of these sustainability topics: renewable energy and recycling.

For the essay: 

  • Write an essay (up to 800 characters) where you

  • Explain the importance of renewable energy sources/recycling for you and your community.

  • *If your essay is on renewable energy: choose a type of energy source and describe its pros and cons.

  • * If your essay is on recycling: give an example of something you have recycled and provide a description of the process you used.

  • Make sure you indicate any quotes or citations when necessary.

For the video: 

  • Make a video (YouTube, “unlisted” format) where you share your  idea!

  • *If your video is about recycling: make sure your video includes a detailed explanation where you show which materials (the recycled products) are used and how they are reassembled (if necessary).

  • * If your video is about renewable energy: give an example of how your community uses renewable energy (or your idea on how renewable energy could become part of your community’s energy source in the future).

  • Include a brief explanation of why recycling/renewable energy is important to you and your community.

When you’re ready to share with us your work, please fill out our form.

Good luck, and Happy Earth Day!!!